Learn How To Body Pierce Instructional DVD Videos

Learn How To Body Pierce Instructional DVD Videos

Learn How To Body Pierce DVD Videos

Learn How To Body Pierce "Tools of the Trade"

1. Tools of the Trade

This in depth "Tools Of The Trade" video guide from our Learn How to Body Pierce DVD Video will show and describe all the proper and necessary tool's you will need to perform diligently in a safe and effective environment.  This video also describes each tools purpose and demonstrating the proper way to get the most out them.  Using your tools properly in the Professional Piercing profession is an absolute must. The knowledge you will gain is with out a doubt the cornerstone in building a long lasting and incredible lifestyle.

Learn How To Body Pierce "Piercing Needles, Dermal Punches & Tapers"

2. Piercing Needles & Dermal Anchors

Lets get right to the point, Piercing Needles are the Main tool that you will using during the life of your Body Piercing career.  Dermal Punches and Tapers are also a necessary "need to know" video segment. We will also introduce you to the future of body piercing, Dermal anchors and the proper way to use them and all the tools and methods needed to perform them safely and effectively.

Piercing Needles come in many different sizes and cuts and shapes, all of this knowledge is yours for the taking with this video. You will see first hand the way a needle is made up and how each cut of the needle will work to puncture the skin.

Learn How To Body Pierce "Piercing Jewelry Explained"

3. Piercing Jewelry

In the world of Body Piercing there are so many types of Jewelry, We will go through each of these and explain the differences of each and what situations the jewelry will be best suited. This  also explains how each piece of Body Jewelry functions and how the jewelry can be used to achieve the desired look you are trying to create.

Learn How To Body Pierce "Sterilization Processes"

4. Sterilization Processes

This is one of the most important lessons you can learn. This  video explains the use of an ultrasonic cleaner, using an autoclave, cleaning of Piercing supplies, the sterilization process, a description of supplies , clean room management skills, charting of materials, surface disinfection. learn to work in a hospital grade atmosphere. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

Learn How To Body Pierce "Aftercare & Consent Forms"

5. Aftercare & Consent Forms

You will need to look at Body Piercing  as a business and to keep a business running smooth you will need basic paperwork to make this happen. In this video we explain the importance of paperwork, offer you examples, ideas and resources for making the most of your new business. We will prepare you for some of the basic forms you will need to succeed and protect yourself with. We also explain the different types of aftercare that can be used and how they should be applied . All consent and aftercare are included with the complete set.

Learn How To Body Pierce "Set Up and Stock"

6. Setting up your Workstation

Setting up your Work area is a lesson that you will be glad you learned, This body piercing video explains how to organize your work area to optimal conditions, so that you will make the best use of space you can to organize your surroundings. After watching this video you will have the organizational skills needed to  keep your workstation clean and organized, so it is easier to concentrate on your new job as a body piercer. We also make suggestions to what you will need to keep on hand for supplies and back stock to make your  Life a lot easier and run at a better pace.

Learn How To Body Pierce "Set Up for Piercing"

7. Setting up your Area for a Piercing

Setting up you work area for the body piercing is another video that you will want to pay close attention too, it will go over what you will need in your work area to perform better as a piercer and what to use in your work area to keep it all clean and safe for your clients.

Learn How To Body Pierce "Dual Male Nipple Piercing"

8. Dual Male Nipple Piercing ( Male Nudity )

Male nipple piercings are a fairly common piercing that you will be required to do on a regular basis. This video walks you through each step of the piercing and shows you first hand how to perform the piercing in a safe and efficient manner. The segment will also show you what tools and Jewelry  you will need for this piercing along with any other situation you may face during the piercing.

Learn How To Body Pierce "Double Dimple Piercing"

9. Double Dimple Piercing

The double dimple piercing is a piercing that will be best suited to you after you watch the entire video series. It is a unique and very tricky body piercing to perform correctly, But we are sure that you will have what it takes, so we demonstrate this piercing for you, so that when the time arises for you to do it, you will have the knowledge to back you up and make you feel more comfortable.

Learn How To Body Pierce "The Nape Piercing"

10. Nape Piercing

The Nape piercing is a really popular piercing on the back of the neck, one of the easier of the surface piercings to perform. We go through a step by step instruction on how to position the piercing correctly and what to look for to prevent any discomfort to your clients. Along with some Trade secrets to make the Piercing go as smooth as it possibly can. Along with some Trade secrets to make the Piercing go as smooth as it possibly can.

Learn How To Body Pierce "Dual Female Nipple Piercing"

11. Dual Female Nipple Piercing ( Female Nudity )

Female nipple piercings are another fairly common piercing, so we tackle this with all of the knowledge you will need as a piercer to make them look the best that they can. There are certain rules you will need to follow when doing the piercing and differences between males and females, all of this info is explained as the procedure is being performed. Along with the different type of jewelry that can be used and what you can look for to make the right decision in the Female nipple procedure.



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