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Learn How To Tattoo and Asian Back Piece DVD Videos

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The tattoo industries best kept secrets revealed. Step by step instructional tattoo videos show and explain everything clearly on how the techniques, tools, and colors are used to create a stunning masterpiece. These techniques can be easily used for any back piece tattoo. Learn how to bring it all together and start making the big money in the industry with the International School of Body Art and Gary Gray Jr.

Session 1: To begin we explain why & for what reasons they designs were chosen. Then we show how then stencils were made and how to apply them. After the back is measured and marked, Gary applies the stencils and begins tattooing the outlines of the Oni mask, the tiger and the waterfall & the koi fish & warrior scenes. Every needle is explained throughout this entire session and all sessions on this DVD. Every color used and why. Every technique and how master that technique.

Session 2: In session two we sketch on the background with a sharpie for you to get a general idea of how to accomplish this feat with any back piece tattoo. Gary then bloodlines and explains in detail every step of creating the background and why.

Session 3: In this session we show the techniques of shading used for the entire background. We show and explain in detail how to create the same stunning effects, several different ways. Creating a master back piece with traditional shading and colors is a must to know!

Session 4: The coloring begins! We start with the "Oni Mask", otherwise known as the "Devil Mask" which originates from ancient traditional Japanese mythology. Master shading and coloring techniques shown. These secrets are revealed with precise and clear cinematography and explanations.

About the Oni Mask:

The Oni is the demon of Japanese folklore. It takes on many other names, sometimes referred to as a devil. Unlike most western cultures, the Oni is not necessarily seen as an evil being. It is said to be of a dual nature, meaning it's powers can be good or evil, depending on if it likes the subject it attaches itself too. Oni are credited with with bringing good health, safety, peace and avoiding disaster. A typical Oni mask has horns, bulging eyes, a sinister looking smile and sharp teeth. Sometimes, it is shown in a form that looks more like a skull. This represents a very black and white image of transition. A representation that good is leaning toward evil, or that evil is trying to become good. Often, Oni masks will have hair. If one could break away from the traditional impression that the demon is an instrument of evil, it would make the Oni a more widely accepted good luck symbol.

Session 5: The tiger & the waterfall scene. How to create a life like traditional style tiger and moving waterfall! How to properly blend, shade and apply the colors mentioned in the video. Illusion and skin tones effects are your best friend in the segment. The tiger can represent competition.

Session 6: In session six we show & tell the techniques used for the "Midori Koi" koi fish and warrior scene. We begin by throwing color into the koi tail and show the techniques that will be used in and for that piece. When all is said and done and the master back piece is finished. Gary then goes back to explain how and why certain things were done in this back piece tattoo and goes over a few things he would have like to have done so that you may use those secrets and suggestions as well. This is hands down the best advanced tattooing video in the International School of Body Art's tattoo instructional series.

Gary was paid by an actual client $2800 usd for this tattoo. You are about to learn the secrets and techniques to do this yourself! Step by Step!

Running Time: 6hrs 11 Minutes 7 Seconds

6 Sessions / Video Segments

Based on 25 original hrs & 8 sessions of tattooing over a 3 month period!


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