Al Ray - Apprenticeship Student & Paramedic - Queensland, Australia

 Al Ray Advanced Care Paranedic and Tattoo Apprenticeship Student!

This would be a message to those how wish to formulate a good foundation in professional tattooing and develop strong techniques.
I am an Advanced Care Paramedic as well as a Registered Nurse in Queensland Australia.
I have only now been tattooing for a very short time and watched Miami Ink religiously to learn anything I could, until coming across the International School of Body art. I decided to join an apprenticeship and obtain this talked about DVD set. These DVD’s are easy to follow for anyone, combine with written readings are not only informative but are a detailed structure, formulated to develop professional tattooists. Gary Jr, has also been an excellent support person and has always been there to answer any question I had produced. As I train many student Paramedics throughout Queensland Australia I know well, that all people learn on many different levels but, I believe that this combine visual (DVD’s), academic readings (written reading) and personal psychological support via video conferencing /email is an outstanding / winning combination. This certification course is a great step towards becoming a great tattooist and as all people are different these DVD’s can even help those that have been tattooing professionally, strengthen their existing style and techniques.

Kind Regards,

Al Ray
BN, DipParaSc, MACAP
Advanced Care Paramedic

Taje Boyden - Tattoo Apprenticeship Student

My Name is Taje Boyden; I am a graphic art student in Utah and father of three.

Not long ago our legislation had made my school drop my major and this had left me in a bad position.  I was very skeptical about my next move and how to accomplish my next career choice. I have always been an artist, hung out with other tattoo artists and underground artists but I never really liked the social politics that came with apprenticing formally under these friends. My next course of action was to find a school that could fit my life and would give me the results I needed to make a career in tattooing; the only problem was “where could I go to get the training I needed to succeed in this industry”? Finding The International School of Body Art was a god sent. I only realized what I was getting into after I bought the course. I had a good feeling about it but I was still a little afraid of spending that much money on line without knowing these guys personally. Wow! I received a personal email from Gary (my instructor) before I got my DVD’s. He set me up on the ground running.

Between the test material and DVD’s I learned so much more about tattooing than I ever could working as an apprentice at a shop. These guys just poured out information that is critical to the trade. Something you would need to wait years for slaving in a shop traditionally.

Because of this program I feel confident in the trade enough to start my own shop. I open in less than a month. Not only have I passed the course but also I still have Gary to talk to (which has not only given me the right tools to tattoo, but has helped me to get my shop ready for business). Is not the point to spend money on something like this to make money in return? This has been the best money I have ever spent on schooling with quicker results toward a career than traditional college. (I am not saying that it is a replacement for college but dollar for dollar this investment has put money back into my pocket quicker and I have another trade under my belt (in this economy) to use in the workforce. I would recommend this program to anyone who is interested in body art and wants to make clean money doing it. You really can’t get this kind of training or information anywhere else unless you actually apprentice at a shop for many years. I am more than happy to give this testimonial.

Thank you all at International School of Body art. Taje. Ps. it would be awesome if your course were apart of a college program. You already have the stuff to do it…

Tattoo Apprenticeship Student

Richard Betterley - Stafford Springs, Connecticut, USA

Richard Betterley - Stafford Springs, Connecticut, USA

I searched a long time for a course like this one, I was a little skeptical at first because I thought it was too good to be tru..a tattoo apprenticeship for $500.00 with certificate of completion! Gary will answer all your questions quickly. This course has it all , all you need is the desire to be a tattooist. This course teaches all you will need to know. why we use the different needles, what shading does for a tattoo, highlighting a tattoo….just so much info. This is a great teaching DVD set. Thank-You Gary for everything you have done for me.

My name is Jose Martins , I had a dream .... it was be a tattoo artist , that dream come true thanks to Gary Gray the instructor.
I did the course of tattoo artist apprenticeship program online, let me tell you it was the best thing i did.
The course come with a set of DVDs they are the best set of tattoo DVDs have ever watched , they are very clear , you understand perfectly what the instructor ( Gary ) is saying and showing to you  , everything is explained in detail.

The videos contain so much information , they teach you how to put a machine together, how to clean it, it show to you different techniques like bloodline , how to do background in color or black and white , even teach you the details and how different artists do portraits.
I now I apply all techniques I've learned in all tattoos I do...
the results of the course are great you will stay much more confident because you will learn to do it in the proper way , believe me it open new doors for me   , and will open new doors for anyone who does the course
what I'm trying to say to you is.... you will never regret  it ...
in case of doubt is my email ---

John Racine -DVD Set Owner

Portrait Tattoo by John Racine After Watching our Learn How Tattoo Videos

I have been tattooing for a while now, although was some what familiar with tattooing and its ins and outs, there is always things to learn, even if I where someone famous like Kat, I would still suggest getting these dvd's.  They helped me tremendously, and I am sure they will help anyone who chooses to purchase these dvd's. I just wanted to show you my first portrait after watching your videos... John Racine

Jonathon Cherry - Apprenticeship Student - USA

Hi, I am Jonathan Cherry,
I recently began the International School of Body Art's Tattoo Internship Course. The internship is the most informative and educational class I have ever seen. Any time I need something or have a question someone is always there to lend a hand. Before I started the class I had little knowledge of how much really goes into the tattoo process. I kind of  new the basics or so I thought, until I started studying the material. I soon realized there was so much I was missing that I couldn't stop reading and watching the movies. I would suggest this course to everyone going into the tattoo field and recommend they choose this class over any other. I feel so much more confident and informed now. Hopefully you will too. Thanks Again ISBA , JD Cherry

Katie Summers

I have been doing tattoos for over a year now. It all started the day my daughter turned 18. She went to get her first tattoo. I watched so close I think the guy wanted to throw me out. I kept asking questions. He kept answering. He was born into the trade unlike me. Then he looked at me and said, "Do you know how to paint?" I said yeah I do a lot of painting. He said if you can paint, you can tattoo. So I got on-line and the research started. I read and read until my eyes popped out of my head. Then I got smart and started watching youtube...(ok so not the smartest) So many artist with so many different ideas. I then came across one who made great sense. Tattoo fruit and then you will be able to tattoo a human. So I ordered my machine. I have two J-Frame machines and standard power supply. I bought a million grapefruit and bananas and went to town. I couldn't believe what I could do. Sooooo....My daughter decided she wanted a tattoo on her foot. She had me do it on the banana and it turned out great...That was the biggest learning experience of my life...Do Not Use a Foot as your first tattoo. It looked beautiful when it was done. I was so proud and actually enjoyed the little bit of torture my daughter endured...but don't tell her that. So I did more and they looked good. I was proud of my work, but there was something missing...I had never done color or shading of any kind and decided I wanted to apprentice. I know I am not suppose to talk about other artist, but...The ones around here are not anyone I would want to apprentice under. Then I ran across your site. I will be honest. I was a little leery at first. I did a lot of checking around and asking around on chat boards....I did my homework. So after much begging. My husband said buy it and I did. He even bought me a great massage table to do tattoos on because the chair I was using was not the best. Gary. I only have one tattoo and it was from when I was a rebellious 21 yr old...I also have my tongue pierced. People never believe me when I say I am an artist...YOU DO Tattoos NO Way. Sweet little country christian girl does tats. So I have probably bored you to death and you know more about me than you wanted. I have learned more from you in two days than I have the whole year of Internet research and books and other people in the area who do tats. Thank you and you are not a scam...And from what I can tell your messages are not computer generated, so you must be a real person. If you looked at my facebook you also know that I am attending Kaplan University to become an accountant, I am a mother to 4 girls 2 step daughters, an adopted son and will never grow up because I am also a Toys R Us kid (front end manager)...Life is never boring around me.

Thanks a MILLLION for putting this all together...I have to let you know, I will put work out that is as awesome as yours. BTW Beaker is over the top awesome.

Katie Summers.

Jerome Cordova - Apprenticeship Student - USA

My name is Jerome Anthony Cordova I am a singer from Albuquerque New Mexico and I have recently started the International School of Body Art. The school has taught me so much and gave me so much confidence in tattooing. Jerry (owner of school) and Gary (instructor of school) are so helpful towards all of my needs.

Gary my instructor will answer any question I ask him no matter how stupid it is, he is there for my learning. He actually cares for how we learn and not just handing out certificates to anyone. I was having a problem with my cheap machines and they referred me to a custom builder that I am so happy with.

To anyone looking for a great school and a fun learning experience I would definitely recommend this course. I also would like to share my before and after pictures with everyone, and they can see what the course can do for them. If anyone has any other questions about the school they can email me personally at and I will explain how great the learning was for me.  So to all the staff at the International School of Body Art I would like to thank you very much, now I know the difference between a tattoo artist and a tattoo scratcher. Thanx again, Jerome

Michael Brehmer - DVD Set Owner - USA

Hey Jerry, this guy ask if the videos were worth it and I told him that they were the best investment I have made, that they were the most complete instructional I have bought.  I have watched a few of the discs now and done 5 tats this week and feel that I have moved forward in leaps and bounds in my technique and quality. thanks for the help.  I have enclosed of one of the tats I did, let me know what you think.  Seriously these videos are great.

April 2010 Update by Michael

"I still watch your videos about twice a month, truly excellent."

Michael's Latest Tattoo

2010 Update from Michael Brehmer - Tiger Tattoo

Tattooing was a dream I had, until I did the online apprenticeship courses with Gary Gray Jr. Packed with insight and information and the instructional videos had me tattooing with confidence in under a week! With constant online contact you will be shown the ins and outs of proper tattoo techniques in the comfort of your own home. I would recommend this course to anyone.

Thanks, Donald Fowler, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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